It’s Also Possible to Live Tax-Free While Staying Safe

Residency in New Zealand is the ultimate backup plan for the super-rich. For decades the ultra-wealthy have been snapping up remote properties and building luxury bunkers as the ultimate escape plan.

The specter of potential nuclear conflict looms large on the global horizon. According to the Doomsday Clock we are 90 seconds from midnight. That’s the closest we’ve come to nuclear war in recent decades. That’s why many search for a safe haven. New Zealand, nestled far in the southern hemisphere, emerges as a prime contender. This remote location offers an additional layer of protection from nuclear fallout and large-scale conflicts. Notably, New Zealand is not just a physical refuge but also a fiscal one. The country’s tax laws offer substantial benefits to new residents, including significant tax exemptions on overseas income. New Zealand is a territorial tax country for new arrivals.

Why New Zealand is an Ideal Safe Haven

New Zealand, a refuge for tech billionaires like Larry Page and Peter Thiel, offers a unique blend of security and luxury for those seeking shelter from societal collapse. It combines a strategic geographical advantage with political stability, low crime rates, and progressive apocalypse survival planning to create the ideal apocalypse safe haven.

Geographical Advantage of New Zealand

New Zealand’s geographical positioning in the Southern Hemisphere provides it with a distinctive edge as a potential safe haven. Nestled comfortably in a remote corner of the globe, this nation is significantly distanced from the traditional conflict zones in the Northern Hemisphere.

New Zealand’s location offers two main advantages:

  1. Reduced Risk of Fallout: The prevailing winds generally blow from west to east and are more likely to carry nuclear fallout across similar latitudes rather than spread it significantly north or south. This essentially isolates New Zealand from any nuclear fallout that could occur in the Northern Hemisphere.
  2. Distanced from Conflict Zones: Most major military powers and conflict-prone regions lie in the Northern Hemisphere. New Zealand’s remote location reduces its likelihood of being directly involved or affected by these conflicts.

Stability and Low Crime Rate

Apart from its geographical benefits, New Zealand also boasts political stability and a low crime rate. These factors contribute to making it a desirable location for those looking to escape potential societal collapse. It consistently ranks among the top nations in terms of peace, order, and government transparency.

Apocalypse Survival Planning

New Zealand also provides ample resources and communities for comprehensive apocalypse survival planning. From residential communities designed to withstand catastrophic events to companies that specialize in creating personalized survival plans, New Zealand caters to all aspects of disaster preparedness.

In essence, New Zealand combines strategic location, social stability, advanced survival infrastructure, and effective disaster preparedness strategies to become an attractive, safe haven option. Its geographic isolation, coupled with strong societal frameworks, forms an ideal setting for those preparing for worst-case scenarios.

Stability and Low Crime Rate

The Pacific island nation’s stability and low crime rate is another compelling reason that amplifies its standing as an ideal apocalypse safe haven. New Zealand is politically stable, having a democratic system of government. Coupled with this political stability is the nation’s impressively low crime rate. Violent crime is relatively rare, creating a secure environment in which residents can live without excessive worry or fear.

These factors are vital when considering a refuge during a potential societal collapse. The geographical advantage of New Zealand’s remote location in the southern hemisphere offers safety from nuclear fallout due to its distance from potential conflict zones for wealthy residents. This makes New Zealand, not just a safe haven but also one that ensures a quality of life that is undisturbed and serene.

Moving ahead, the availability of luxury survival bunkers and apocalypse survival planning options in New Zealand further make it an attractive proposition for those bracing for worst-case scenarios.

Residency and Tax Benefits

The pursuit of safety amid potential global catastrophes is not the only reason that makes New Zealand an attractive option. The country also offers alluring financial incentives, particularly for investors seeking residency in New Zealand.

Obtaining Residency in New Zealand

The process of acquiring residency in New Zealand is straightforward. There are several paths available, with the most common being through the Skilled Migrant Category and Investor Category.

The Skilled Migrant Category is points-based, awarding points for factors such as age, work experience, and qualifications. A job offer from a New Zealand employer can significantly bolster an applicant’s points tally.

For high-net-worth individuals, the Investor Category provides an expedited route to residency. There are two tiers within this category:

  1. Active Investor Plus Category: Requires a minimum investment of NZD 15 million (US$ 9m)for at least four years. Your partner and dependent children under 24 can be included on this visa
  2. Retirement Investor Visa: Requires a minimum investment of NZD 750,000 (US$ 450,000) and a further NZD 500,000 (USD$300,000) to live on. You will also need an income of at least NZD 60,000 (USD$36,000) per year. You must be at least 66 to get this visa. It’s issued for two years.

In both scenarios, the investments can be spread across bonds, equities, property, or other significant assets in New Zealand.

Investment Options for Acquiring Residency Status

The real estate market in New Zealand has been witnessing consistent growth over recent years. This may present an opportunity for investors looking at property as an investment option to secure residency.

Aside from property, there are ample opportunities in sectors such as technology and agriculture which have seen substantial growth and offer attractive returns on investment.

While residency can be obtained via these investment routes, prospective residents should note that they must meet “good character” requirements and prove they will contribute positively to New Zealand – economically, socially, and culturally.

These incentives make New Zealand an ideal destination not just as a safe haven but also as a place offering robust financial benefits.

Benefits for Investors in New Zealand

New Zealand offers a wealth of opportunities for investors, particularly those seeking residency. The country’s robust economy is marked by diverse sectors, presenting a broad spectrum of investment prospects.

Real estate in New Zealand is an exciting avenue for investors. A thriving market characterized by high demand and appreciating property values, it promises substantial returns. The country’s stringent regulations ensure transparency and security, making it an appealing option for foreign investors.

Additionally, New Zealand’s thriving tech scene presents lucrative opportunities. A hub of innovation, the country is home to numerous tech startups seeking venture capital.

Investors in New Zealand enjoy not only financial gains but also the benefits of a tranquil lifestyle amid breathtaking landscapes. This unique combination makes New Zealand an attractive destination for those looking to secure both their financial future and personal well-being.

Residency in New Zealand May Help Escape Financial Meltdown Too

Tax Exemption as a Transitional Resident

New Zealand residency brings along attractive tax benefits. Notably, investors seeking residency in New Zealand can enjoy a four-year exemption on their foreign income. This special provision, termed as tax exemption for foreign income as a transitional resident, significantly eases the financial burden for new residents.The country’s CFC rules will not apply to new residents for the first four years.

The process of obtaining residency in New Zealand is detailed and thorough, but its rewards, particularly for investors, are substantial. Besides the lucrative real estate market and other investment prospects, the tax benefits stand out as a significant incentive. This tax exemption is another reason why New Zealand continues to attract high-value individuals from around the globe.

New Zealand citizenship is available after five years of residency in New Zealand. As an interesting aside, being a citizen of New Zealand will enable you to live in Australia without being taxed on foreign income. You can find more details on this here.


New Zealand, with its remote geographical location and political stability, presents an ideal safe haven. The low crime rate and the availability of luxury survival bunkers reinforce its appeal. For those seeking to hedge against potential global threats, New Zealand offers structured apocalypse survival planning resources and communities.

From a residency point of view, New Zealand’s requirements are straightforward and offer several investment options. Additionally, the country provides significant tax benefits for transitional residents, including a four-year tax exemption on foreign income.

New Zealand’s unique combination of safety, stability, and tax benefits make it an optimal choice for those seeking refuge from potential global crises. Consider this beautiful and secure country as your sanctuary in uncertain times.

Your Questions Answered on Residency in New Zealand

Why is New Zealand considered an ideal safe haven?

New Zealand is considered an ideal safe haven due to its remote location in the southern hemisphere, making it safer from nuclear fallout and potential conflicts. It also offers a refuge for wealthy residents and a shelter from societal collapse with the availability of luxury survival bunkers. Furthermore, New Zealand’s political stability and low crime rate contribute to its status as a safe haven.

What geographical advantages does New Zealand offer as a safe haven?

The geographical advantage of New Zealand lies in its remote location in the southern hemisphere. This makes it safer from nuclear fallout due to its distance from potential conflict zones.

What options are available for apocalypse survival planning in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers various resources and communities for apocalypse survival planning. These include luxury survival bunkers, investment opportunities, and a supportive environment due to the country’s stability and low crime rate.

How can I obtain residency in New Zealand?

You can obtain residency in New Zealand in several ways. There are paths for skilled workers to move there using a points system. Wealthy residents normally get residency in New Zealand by investment. Retirees must invest NZD 750,000. Under the Active Investor program, the minimum investment is NZD 15,000,000.

What tax exemptions exist for new residents in New Zealand?

‘Transitional resident’ is a tax status conferred on new immigrants and returning New Zealanders who have not been tax resident in NZ for the past ten years. As a transitional resident, you will be exempt from NZ tax on your foreign income for four years.