Use Stress to Gain Resilience

Antifragility is a concept introduced by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder“. It refers to the property of systems or things that gain resilience and adaptability when exposed to stress, disorder, or volatility.

According to Taleb, anti-fragile systems are those that not only withstand stress and disorder, but actually improve and become stronger as a result of it. This is in contrast to fragile systems, which break or fail when exposed to stress, and robust systems, which can withstand stress but do not necessarily improve as a result.

Anti-fragile systems often exhibit what Taleb calls “positive stressors”, which are stressors that can be tolerated and even embraced because they help the system to become stronger. Examples of positive stressors include exercise, which can help to make the body stronger and more resilient. And learning new skills, which can help to make the mind more adaptable and flexible.

Taleb argues that antifragility is a key characteristic of natural systems, and that it is important for humans to strive for antifragility in their own systems and organizations. This can involve embracing uncertainty, diversity, and decentralization. You must build in redundant systems and mechanisms that allow for adaptation and recovery in the face of stress or disruption.

What Becoming Anti-Fragile Could Mean for You

Having a plan to become anti-fragile means looking at the worst case scenarios and ensuring that you have measures in place to deal with them. You need to ask your self a series of what if questions?

What if my bank accounts were frozen tomorrow?

What if my spouse files for divorce?

What if I get an unexpected tax demand?

What if I’m the target of a major lawsuit?

What if there’s a war in my country?

What if I can’t renew my passport?

We’re all programmed to think that these things can’t possibly happen to us. But they happen to people just like us every day. Most people are not prepared when they happen. Even billionaires like Kanye West have suffered having bank accounts frozen. West recently complained that even although he was worth billions he couldn’t even use his apple pay.

The purpose of becoming anti fragile is to ensure that you have a back up. Ensure that whatever happens you have a workaround.

The Solution is to Make Your Life Anti-Fragile

If your local US bank account is frozen, no problem you have accounts in Serbia and Uruguay.

If you need to leave your home in a hurry. That’s fine. You have a home that you bought years ago waiting for you in another country.

The government tells you they won’t renew your passport. It doesn’t matter. You have 3 other passports.

It’s like having an insurance policy. You buy insurance against fire and theft. You never expect those things to happen. But you feel more secure knowing that if they do you and your family will be fine. Becoming anti-fragile gives you the same kind of peace of mind.

Yes, it takes a bit more effort to become anti-fragile. Just like exercise takes effort. Starting a business takes effort. Everything that leads to a positive outcome in life takes effort. But that effort compounds and pays off big time. You end up having the kind of security and freedom that few other people in the world have. The freedom to go anywhere whenever you want. The freedom of knowing that no government or lawsuit can rob you of the money you worked hard to earn. The freedom of knowing that whatever crazy policies your government thinks up – think climate lockdowns – it won’t affect you. Not one iota.

Becoming Anti-Fragile is a Superpower

That’s what becoming anti fragile is about. That’s why it’s something you must start working on. Becoming anti-fragile is a superpower in today’s world. You can become almost invincible and enjoy the peace of mind that brings. The most searched man on the internet in 2022 was Andrew Tate. He recently spoke about how being anti-fragile prevented him from losing millions of dollars when his accounts were frozen in western countries. You can see him discussing it in this video:


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It’s never too early to take action to protect your wealth and your family’s future. Planning for 2023 should include a solid backup plan to protect your assets and defend yourself against political risk. Wherever you’re located.

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