Build an Invisibility Cloak Around Your Life

Government surveillance is increasing worldwide at a rapid pace. Everyone should develop their own methods to avoid it.

A recent criminal case exposed how some of the UK’s most wanted fugitives escaped the country. They were able to live and travel freely. This is despite being on Interpol’s red list, which flags the names of those wanted for arrest at international borders.

The method is simple (but ill-advised) and used throughout the world. In this case, 2 men were selling genuine passports to underworld figures. Anthony Beard and Christopher Zitek found disabled or homeless people who had no need for a passport. They used their real details to apply for passports. They used photographs of the criminals who were buying the passports. The men signed the photographs to confirm them as genuine. They used burner phones to take calls from the passport office to confirm the identities of those applying for the passports.

Weaknesses in UK Passport Office

They also used expired passports to apply for replacement passports. The passport office makes fewer checks on replacement passports than on first-time applications. They clearly never checked that the photos were of the same person.

Beard and Zitek charged up to $20,000 for their services. They did this hundreds of times over a 20-year period.

Some criminals were able to use the passports to travel for years. Amongst their clients were murderers and drug dealers.

Beard and Zitek were caught following an undercover surveillance operation that started in 2017. Raids on their homes found multiple burner phones that linked them to the false passport applications. Their fingerprints were also found on passport application forms.

Records Exposed Their Customers

They also kept records of all the clients and passports obtained. This enabled the authorities to detain suspects using the passports whenever they tried to use them to enter or exit the UK.

These types of underworld tactics have been used for decades by criminals trying to evade capture.

Beard and Zitek each received prison sentences of 6 and 8 years for their efforts.

The Legal Way to Avoid Government Surveillance

Of course, it doesn’t really make sense to buy a fraudulently obtained passport. It’s too risky to attempt to cross international borders in this way. It takes only one person to talk to the authorities or one fraudulent passport being found in a raid to compromise all of them.

It’s much better to use legal methods to make your activities invisible and undetectable to government surveillance.

Doing things legally takes more time and can cost a little more but you don’t have to worry about being detained when you travel.

One simple tactic confuses all government surveillance of finances and travel.

A second passport is a vital tool for freedom. There are dozens of opportunities to get one legally. If you want to use a different passport to travel and open bank accounts under a different name you can do that too. When you get your new passport in Latin America or Europe you can almost always do a name change at the same time to a name more suited to the country of your new passport.

When you get a passport from a Spanish-speaking country change your name to a more Spanish-sounding name. When you get a passport from Brazil, change your name to something Portuguese. Get Turkish citizenship and adopt a Turkish name.

It doesn’t mean you have to change the name your friends and family call you by. It’s a straightforward business transaction. Use it to open financial accounts and conduct business in your adopted country.

Something as simple as a legal name change can be like having an invisibility cloak for your business dealings and international travel.

Doug Casey on why Second Passports are more essential than ever.