Book a confidential call with our founder, Richard Barr to kickstart your offshore strategy. The objective of the call is to get you the citizenship you want, the overseas residency you need, and make sure your assets are secure and untouchable.

The call will last around 45 minutes. Richard is the leading global offshore expert with decades of experience in setting up impenetrable offshore structures and acquiring often hard-to-get citizenships and residences.

You’ll discover little-known opportunities to acquire citizenships and residences quickly.

You can ask any questions you want and get help dealing with difficult problems. The topics can include:

  1. Citizenships you should get quickly.
  2. Second residences in tax-friendly jurisdictions
  3. The Perfect Offshore Structure for you, including trusts, foundations, and companies.
  4. Steps you need to take to become judgement-proof
  5. Personalized backup plan – a strategy to ensure you always have a safe place to go. No matter what.
  6. Special Situations
  7. Extradition and deportation matters.
  8. Offshore bank accounts you can open easily and how to get them opened

After the call, you can ask as many follow-up questions as you want by email for 3 months.

You will want to explore topics like:

Should you use an offshore trust or foundation?

Where should you get an overseas residency?

What are the best methods to get a second citizenship for your circumstances?

How can you make your assets completely judgement-proof?

How to get residency overseas if you have a historic criminal record

Where should you open an overseas bank account

Safest jurisdictions for your offshore structure

The best citizenships for you

Unlimited follow-up emails for three months to answer your questions and help implement your strategy.

Following the call, you’ll be in a position to implement strategies to make you and your assets untouchable.

Calls are completely confidential. We keep no record, and you’re free to use an assumed name if you prefer.

Please contact us here with any further questions or book the call below: