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We Guarantee to Cut Your Taxes and Make Your Wealth Untouchable

Do you want to:

Relocate to a new country?

Reduce your tax rate to less than 1%?

Protect your assets from governments and lawsuits?

Make yourself 100% judgement proof?

Avoid making errors with international law and taxation?

Get a second or third passport?

Protect yourself from political persecution?

Design your perfect life with the legal right to stay in multiple countries year-round?

Set up offshore companies and trusts to protect your assets?

Are you sick of paying high taxes and getting nothing in return?

Would you like to move to a country with a better climate and lifestyle?

Legally Cut Your Tax Rate to 1% or Less

My name is Henry Hill. I’m an international entrepreneur. I live in 3 different countries, depending on the seasons. I legally pay 0% in income taxes.

I started my journey more than 25 years ago. Back then I was living in the UK. I was paying taxes of more than 40%. I didn’t enjoy the terrible weather. Not to mention the ever-growing government surveillance and pointless bureaucracy. These things are much worse now in all the western world.

But there is an answer. You see, the more places you can legally live, the more freedom you have. At first glance that may seem paradoxical. After all we must go through all kinds of bureaucracy to move from one country to another and get the legal right to live there. The truth is that the more countries you’re able to live in the more freedom you have. If there’s a sudden change that doesn’t suit you in one country, simply pack up and move to another.

Be Prepared for Anything

The secret is being prepared in advance. The more passports, residence permits and homes you have the more freedom you have.

You can have multiple passports. Multiple residence permits. You can protect your assets with offshore companies and trusts. Make sure that you own nothing (legally), but control everything. Keep your assets stored safely across multiple jurisdictions and asset classes. Make sure you’re not in the position where any one jurisdiction can seize your assets and stop you from travelling.

“I believe the decision to internationalise is the most important you can take in today’s world.”

The western, English-speaking countries are becoming less free with every passing day. There are higher taxes and an increasing raft of new regulations that impinge on our daily lives. We’ve all suffered from 2 years of health regulations that have controlled our daily lives, sometimes in the most minute details. New financial regulations are introduced on an almost daily basis.

Why not go somewhere you have more freedom?

If you can’t move physically yet, you can still protect the assets you worked hard for by securing them in an offshore structure. You can also work towards getting another passport and legal residence as a hedge against the ever-growing political risk.

Most people have no idea where to start on this journey. You’re busy with your business and daily life. You don’t have time to spend hundreds of hours on research or travel to unfamiliar countries to meet untested advisors.

Lawyers and financial advisors in your own country are highly regulated. They couldn’t advise you on this kind of thing even if they knew about it. Most have no idea anyway.

You Need Solid, Reliable and Actionable Strategies

That’s where we come in. I set up Liberty Mundo to help people like you. People who need solid and reliable strategies to help them reduce their political risk and secure their assets. I can personally help you to set up overseas structures. Open overseas bank accounts. Set up residences abroad. Obtain second or even third passports. My firm is dedicated to increasing your personal and financial freedom.

I can help you every step of the way. From our initial call to implementing the strategies I advise on. My team and I will take care of everything. From complex asset protection strategies to legal tax avoidance strategies that can reduce your tax rate to 1% or less. I guarantee I will save you money, while making both you and your assets more secure.

What I can help with:

Select the right jurisdiction for your offshore company and trust

Select the right country for your second residence

Find the right second passport for you

Optimal strategies to internationalise

Ways you can cut your taxes to 1% or less

International legal issues

Design your ultimate international lifestyle

Help you to avoid making common (and expensive) errors

Help find International real estate opportunities

Open Overseas bank accounts – How you can avoid the Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Develop a back-up plan to protect you from economic and political risk

Help those with existing legal issues to internationalise

Help those with historic criminal records to internationalise

We will create a personalised action plan. An action plan that ensures that you get results. Whether that be reducing your tax liability, obtaining new passports, moving overseas or building an impenetrable fire wall around your assets.

Following the initial call you’ll have 1 follow up call and unlimited follow up emails for 3 months to help implement your plan. Alternatively, you can hire my firm to do everything for you. The choice is yours.

What you get:

An initial 45-minute call to analyse what you want to achieve and your current position and put together a plan that will work for you. This can include:

Choosing the right jurisdiction to incorporate an offshore company

Should you use an offshore trust or foundation?

Where should you get an overseas residency?

What are the best methods to get a second citizenship?

How you can make your assets completely judgement proof?

How can you get residency overseas if you have a historic criminal record?

Where should you open an overseas bank account?

A follow up report with a personalised blueprint for you. This will itemise everything that needs to be done to achieve your objectives.

After you receive the initial report we’ll have another call. This call will focus on implementation. We can help you with the implementation, using our contacts around the world. We will get you set up with bank accounts, offshore structures, passports and residences. You can go through the process yourself with our help and support. Alternatively, we will take care of everything for you.

Unlimited follow up emails for 3 months to answer your questions and help implement your strategy.



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