Bureaucratic Delays Make Escaping the Country More Difficult

US passport delays are making it more difficult to leave the country at short notice. According to the state department some passport applications could be delayed up to 4 months. This is likely to get worse as we get closer to the busy summer travel season.

Being thoroughly prepared means that you should never depend on a bureaucrat’s permission to leave the country. It’s imperative to be organized and make sure that you always have a passport with at least 2 years left before expiry. There’s nothing to stop you from renewing a passport early.

Of course everyone should have a second passport from a different country. This is a key tool for freedom. It’s crucial, as the world becomes more dangerous, to make sure you’re never trapped in any one geographic location. Most people have not yet started the process of getting a second passport from another country.

Everyone Qualifies for This ‘Secret’ Second Passport

What most people don’t realize is that everyone is entitled to a second passport for free. Just by asking.

That’s a second passport from your own country. Most governments hate issuing citizens with 2 passports. Some more than others. The US government will only issue a second passport to citizens that’s valid for 2 years. The British government will issue a full 10 year passport.

But they must issue them. What’s crucial is that you know how to ask for a second passport from your home country. You need to say the right things to convince the functionaries at the passport office to give you one.

You’ll normally need a letter from your employer explaining why it’s necessary for you to have another passport. That should detail your travel schedule for the next 12 months. You must include travel to multiple countries that require visa to access them.

When you apply for a visa, the embassy of the country you’re applying to will hold your passport for a few weeks to issue the visa. If you need to travel during that period you’ll need a second passport from your country. You may need to do this several times a year. That’s your justification for needing to have another passport.

Although most people aren’t aware of it it’s quite common among business people who travel frequently to have more than one passport from their home country. Everyone is entitled to one and everyone should get one. The media are talking about US passport delays now. Having a second passport will make sure that US passport delays will never affect you. It will also protect you in multiple other situations such as losing or having your passport confiscated on a foreign trip.

Other Countries Suffer Passport Delays Too

Many countries are suffering from passport delays just now. There has been a surge in travel demand following the pandemic. The government bureaucrats that issue passports are still working from home in some countries and seem to have become even less efficient than before.

As well as avoiding US passport delays having a second passport increases your freedom. It means that you always have a second travel document kept in a safe place an ready to go in case urgent travel becomes necessary.

Your Blueprint to Get a Second Passport

A passport from another country will multiply your freedom. It means you’re never beholden to any one government. You right to travel can never be withdrawn. No matter what. This is something that’s becoming ever more important. Second Passport Blueprint tells you how to get a free second passport for multiple countries around the world. There are no expensive citizenship by investment programs. Follow the advice contained in Second Passport Blueprint and you could have a second passport in as little as 12 months.

US Passport Delays Increasing