Mexican Citizenship May be Easier to Get Than You Think

Citizenship of Mexico is useful as a second citizenship. It can also be easy to get if you meet the requirements.

The Mexican passport is a surprisingly good travel document. Despite not offering visa-free access to the neighboring United States, it’s ranked 24th in the world. The Mexican passport provides visa-free travel to 159 countries, including the EU and the UK.

Citizenship of Mexico is available to anyone who takes the required steps to get it. There are several paths to citizenship in Mexico. These include citizenship granted at birth, citizenship when you marry a Mexican, and citizenship by naturalization.

Mexico has recently become a more popular destination for expats from the US, Canada, and Europe. I heard mentioned recently that the top 10 places to stay in North America are all in Mexico.

Citizenship of Mexico by Naturalization

Naturalization as a citizen of Mexico is available to any legal resident of Mexico after five years. You’ll have to prove that you’ve been living in Mexico for five years. In the two years immediately before the application, you can’t have been outside Mexico for more than 180 days in total. You’ll have to provide details of every entry and exit from Mexico. Your residency card must be up to date at the time of the application and be maintained until citizenship is granted. You’ll have to present your existing passport for inspection and two passport photographs. There’s an application fee, which is currently around $300.

The Mexican nationality law states that you should pass a Spanish language test and be knowledgeable about Mexican history. This rule is not currently applied. That may change in the future, so best to be prepared.

Citizenship of Mexico by Descent

If one of your parents is Mexican by birth, you have the right to Mexican citizenship. This is also the case with grandparents and even further back. Mexicans can’t lose their citizenship even if they renounce it. You must provide the Mexican ID and birth certificate of your Mexican parent or grandparent. If you need to go back further, the procedure for acquiring Mexican citizenship by descent is to find your Mexican ancestor and show the connection to you. You must make sure your parents were Mexican and that none of your Mexican ancestors ever lost their Mexican citizenship. Mexican citizenship by descent is possible.

Citizenship of Mexico by Marriage

One of the fastest routes to Mexican citizenship is by marriage to a Mexican national. This reduces the time required for citizenship down to only two years. You must provide evidence of your marriage and prove that your spouse is Mexican by providing their ID and birth certificate. You must make sure that your marriage is registered in Mexico within six months. You must provide proof that you’ve been married for at least two years.

This can be done by providing a signed affidavit from your spouse.  You’ll have to provide details of entries and exits from Mexico in the 24 months of your marriage. You also must prove that you haven’t been outside Mexico for more than 180 days in the two years of your marriage. There’s an application fee of around $100.

Easy Mexican Citizenship

Citizenship of Mexico by Birth

In common with most of the Americas, Mexico operates on the principle of Jus Soli. This is also referred to as citizenship right by birth. No matter the nationality of the parents, children born in Mexico are Mexicans. There are no exceptions. If your baby is born in Mexico, you will register the birth in the normal way. Your child is a Mexican citizen and will be able to apply for a Mexican passport.

Have a Baby in Mexico to Get Citizenship of Mexico

Birth tourism is becoming a more common practice. Birth tourism is where couples who decide to have a baby go and live in a different country before the baby is born. In this way, their child is born with more than one citizenship. The parents of a child born in Mexico are immediately on a fast track to Mexican citizenship. You’ll be able to apply for Mexican citizenship in just two years.

In order to apply for Mexican citizenship in this category, you will have to provide your Mexican residency card and your current passport and prove that you’ve been in Mexico for two years following the birth of your child. Like the other categories, you must make sure you’re not outside Mexico for more than 180 days during this period. The rules state that there is a Spanish language requirement. This is not currently enforced. There’s a fee of around $300 payable at the time of your application.

Benefits of Citizenship of Mexico

After you acquire Mexican citizenship, you have the right to stay there permanently without any immigration hassles. You can also own property there without the need to set up a trust or get a special permit. You can apply for a Mexican passport and use that document to travel.

Providing all your documents are in order, your Mexican citizenship should be approved in 6-12 months.

Can you lose your Mexican citizenship?

Native Mexicans can never lose their Mexican citizenship. Naturalized Mexicans can lose their citizenship of Mexico by being outside the country for more than five years or by being naturalized as a citizen of another country.

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How do you become a citizen of Mexico?

You can become a citizen of Mexico by naturalization, by birth by descent or by having family connections such as a child born in Mexico.

Is it easy to get citizenship in Mexico?

Anyone who meets the requirements can easily get Mexican citizenship.

Can foreigners become citizens in Mexico?

Yes, if you don’t qualify for Mexican citizenship by descent, you can get Mexican citizenship by staying there for five years. Mexican citizenship by marriage is possible, too.

Does Mexico give citizenship?

Yes, you can get Mexican citizenship through parents, grandparents, or by naturalization. Mexico dual citizenship is possible.

Is it possible to buy Mexican citizenship?

There’s no legal way to buy a Mexican passport. Anyone offering such schemes is likely a scammer.

What is Mexico Citizenship by Descent?

If your ancestors were from Mexico it’s likely that you will be able to claim Mexican citizenship by roving the direct link from your ancestor to you. This will include gathering documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates.

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