Brazil’s Passport is The Best of the BRICS Nations

Brazilian citizenship is one of the easiest passports to obtain from the up-and-coming BRICS nations. It can also be one of the fastest to get if you meet the requirements.

The BRICS countries are a group that makes up nearly half the world’s population. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa established BRICS as an alternative to Western-centric groups like the G7. The rise of BRICS is part of a wider trend of money and power shifting toward the East.

The BRICS nations aim to reduce or eliminate their reliance on the US dollar. They have already started trading amongst themselves using their own currencies. The BRICS countries comprise 31.5% of the world’s GDP and 43% of its population.

The BRICS countries have even launched an alternative to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. The New Development Bank is seeded with capital of $50 billion. Other countries are lined up to join BRICS. Important nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and The UAE look set to join soon.

This is a growing trend that we should all pay attention to. De-dollarization is advancing after the US weaponized the US dollar. The end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency seems inevitable, although it’s likely to take longer than many imagine.

Now could be the time to get a BRICS passport. It will give us a foot inside the BRICS camp and may open up future business and travel opportunities. But which BRICS passport is best?

The passports of India, China, and South Africa are not particularly attractive. But the best BRICS passport is also one of the easiest to obtain. It is, of course, the passport of Brazil. The largest South American nation of 215 million people has several routes to citizenship. It’s possible to get Brazilian citizenship in as little as one year.

A Brazilian passport is ranked 19th in the world. It has visa-free access to 131 countries. This includes all of Latin America, the EU Schengen area, the UK, and Russia.

Here are five ways to get Brazilian citizenship:

Brazilian Citizenship by Investment

An investment of as little as $100,000 can get you an investment visa for Brazil. It’ll be more if the investment is in real estate. It’s necessary to get your business plan approved by the Brazilian government. With professional help, you should achieve this in 3 months. Everything can be done remotely. After you’re issued an investment visa for Brazil, you must spend at least six months a year living in Brazil for four years to apply for citizenship.

Brazilian Citizenship by Marriage

If you can find yourself a Brazilian spouse, you’ll be on the path to Brazilian citizenship. You can apply for citizenship in Brazil after spending one year with your spouse. It doesn’t matter if your wedding took place in Brazil or elsewhere.

Have a Child in Brazil

Birth tourism is becoming increasingly common. This is where you choose a specific country for your child to be born. This should be a country that grants instant citizenship to the child and fast citizenship to the parents. Brazil fits the bill in this regard. Parents of children born in Brazil can apply for citizenship in just one year.

Brazilian Citizenship by Naturalization

There are many other ways to move to Brazil. Anyone who has been a legal resident in Brazil for four years can apply for Brazilian nationality. There’s a Portuguese language requirement for this category, but after living in Brazil for four years, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Brazilian Citizenship by Ancestry

You may already be entitled to Brazilian citizenship if you have Brazilian ancestors. Anyone with a Brazilian parent is entitled to Brazilian citizenship. Provided the Brazilian citizenship hasn’t been lost, it’s likely that if your ancestors were from Brazil that you’re entitled to Brazilian citizenship.

There are also special arrangements to get Brazilian citizenship for anyone who is from a Portuguese-speaking country.


A BRICS citizenship is likely to be more valuable in years to come. The global economy is moving toward the East and the BRICS nations. This is a trend that’s likely to accelerate in the future. A Brazilian passport gets you in on the ground floor and offers an excellent complement to those with American or European passports.

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How to Get a Brazilian Passport