A police report is one of the key documents required when you request residency in a new country. It’s a key requirement in nearly every country for legal residency. As well as being a pain to get in some countries, some people have minor youthful indiscretions on their criminal record, which can stop them from getting residency in the country where they want to live.

It’s preferable to have legal residency as this means you don’t have to do regular border runs to renew your tourist visa. You can’t be deported if you have a legal residency. In some countries it’s more of an issue than others. There are some countries where you can stay indefinitely on a tourist visa and even get citizenship within a couple of years. We detail one of these opportunities in Second Passport Blueprint.

We’re regularly asked by clients where they can get a residency visa without a police report. Here are a few options:

France Has Dozens of Residency Visa Options

There are dozens of options for getting a French residence permit. The first step is to request a long-stay visa for France. After you’ve been issued with a long stay visa you must go to the local prefecture to get your Carte de Sejour within three months. France does not ask for a police report when applying for long stay visa or a residence permit.

10 Ways to Get Residency in France

Mexico Offers Residency With No Police Report

Getting residency in Mexico is easy if you’re able to prove you have savings or income. You can see more about getting residency in Mexico here. Mexico does not require any criminal record check to get a residence permit to stay there long term.

Chile Has the Best Passport in South America

You can apply for residency in Chile at your local Chilean consulate. You’ll first apply for a 2 year temporary visa. There are numerous categories you can apply under depending on what your purpose is for going to Chile. There are business categories and investor categories. You will have to prove you can support yourself in Chile. After two years you can get a permanent residency, and after 5 years you can apply for citizenship.

The Chilean passport is considered the best in Latin America as it’s the only Latin American passport that is granted visa-free access to the US. Chile does not ask for a police report to apply for residency there.

No Criminal Background Check in These Five Countries

Italy Doesn’t Require a Police Report for All Visa Categories

Italy has many different categories of visa you can apply for. Some of the categories, like investor visas, do require a police report. There is one category of visa that’s available for anyone who doesn’t want to provide a criminal record check. This is Italy’s Residenza Elettiva visa. This can be applied forat your local Italian consulate before you travel to Italy.

You’re not allowed to work in Italy with this kind of visa. You’ll be asked to show that you have sufficient income or wealth to live in Italy without working. After you arrive in Italy you need to apply for a residence permit within 8 days. This is known as a Permesso di Soggiorno. 20 days after you receive your Permesso di Soggiorno you must apply for a residency certificate in your local area. When you have your residency certificate you’re all good to stay in Italy for up to 5 years.

Peru – Easy Residency and Few Checks

Peru has a low income requirement to get a residency visa. It’s also one of the fastest passports you can get with a residency requirement of as little as 2 years. It’s important to enter Peru with a residency visa if you want to avoid providing a police report. It’s possible to enter Peru on a tourist visa and apply for a status change. You won’t have to provide a police report if you do this but they will run an Interpol status check on you.

If you’d rather avoid this you can apply for a residency visa before you enter Peru. To do this you’ll have to nominate someone who’s already in Peru, like a local lawyer, to make the application in Peru and have the visa issued at your local Peruvian consulate. In this way you’ll avoid the need for a police report or Interpol search.


These are just a few of the options to get visas if you don’t want to provide a police report. There are many reasons why you may not want to. Even if you don’t have a criminal record. You may not wany your own government to know that you’re applying for a visa to stay overseas permanently. You may not want the extra delay and hassle. Whatever your reasons it’s good to know that you have options available to you.

Your Questions Answered

Why is a police report required for residency in most countries?

A police report is one of the key documents required when you request residency in a new country. It’s a key requirement in nearly every country for legal residency.

Are there any countries where a police report is not required for residency?

Yes, there are several countries where you can obtain residency without providing a police report. France, Mexico, Chile, Italy, and Peru are some examples.

Is a police report necessary for obtaining residency in Mexico?

No, Mexico does not request any record of historical criminal convictions

Is a police report required to apply for residency in Italy?

While some visa categories in Italy may require a police report, there is one category called Residenza Elettiva that does not ask for a criminal record check.

What are the benefits of having legal residency in another country?

Having legal residency eliminates the need for regular border runs to renew tourist visas. It also provides stability, as you cannot be deported if you have a legal residency.