The Wealthy Have Long Used Citizenship Insurance to Protect their Freedom

Citizenship insurance isn’t a well known concept. We’re all familiar with insurance to protect against fire or theft. We all insure our health, our homes and our cars and hope never to have to make a claim. Citizenship insurance is insurance against political risk in your own country. Political risk defines actions your government might take to make you less free.

You do not own your passport. Your government does. They can cancel it at any time. Already in so called free western countries there are dozens of reasons for governments to either cancel passports or refuse to renew them.

Governments Can Revoke Your Passport

In the US the IRS can have your passport revoked if you have a tax debt of over $55,000.

 According to the IRS website:

“If you have seriously delinquent tax debt, the law authorizes the IRS to certify that debt to the State Department for action. The State Department generally will not issue a passport to you after receiving certification from the IRS. The State Department may deny your passport application or revoke your current passport. If you’re overseas, the State Department may issue you a limited validity passport good for direct return to the United States.”

The Canadian government can revoke passports to prevent the commission of an ‘offense against national security.’ Nowadays, ‘national security’ means whatever the government wants it to. Anyone protesting against the Canadian government can have their passport revoked.

Get a Second Citizenship to Avoid Your Passport Being Canceled

The British Government Shows Contempt for Citizens

The British government, in addition to refusing to issue a passport, can revoke anyone’s citizenship for any reason.

They openly disclose their contempt for British citizens on the home office website. Former Home Secretary and Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“There is no entitlement to a passport and no statutory right to have access to a passport. The decision to issue, withdraw, or refuse a British passport is at the discretion of the Secretary of State for the Home Department (the Home Secretary) under the Royal Prerogative”

Passports can be refused or cancelled for all kinds of reasons in every country. Non payment of child maintenance is one reason a passport can be denied. The authoritarian British government is proposing revoking the passports of middle class drug users. Football supporters can be denied the right to travel if they’ve been involved in minor offences before.

Anybody involved in even minor criminal proceedings is likely to have their passport confiscated.

Escape from Tyranny

Trends in motion tend to continue in the direction of travel. Western countries are going to become increasingly authoritarian. If you live in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or the EU you must consider citizenship insurance.

Citizenship insurance is simply having at least one other citizenship. Like with all kinds of insurance, the hope is that you never have to use it. But you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that it’s there. You know you have the option to leave if things get unbearably bad.

Throughout history, those with foresight managed to escape on time. They saw what was coming and made the decision to get out. Many people fled Germany in the 1930s. German Jews saved their lives by doing so.

Many Chinese escaped the darkest days of communism and the cultural revolution by packing up and leaving.

More recently, millions of Venezuelans escaped the economic depression and clampdowns on freedom there. How much simpler would life be if you’re caught in a situation like that, and you already have another citizenship?

It’s Going to Get Worse in the West

Anyone with their eyes open can see freedoms vanishing in front of them. A small trickle has already left or are planning to do so. With war in Europe and economies around the world suffering, now is the time to get yourself some citizenship insurance.

Of course, getting citizenship insurance is not quite as simple as getting a quote online. But it doesn’t have to be too difficult either. You may be lucky and have ancestors from another country. In that case, you could be entitled to instant citizenship. You can share this with other members of your family too.

If you don’t have foreign ancestors, there are other methods too. You can buy almost instant citizenship from some countries. You can get a residency overseas or make an investment in some countries.

Those prepared to take more radical measures can get married or have a child in another country to get that valuable citizenship insurance.

There’s no real value that can be put on citizenship insurance. It may save your economic life, or it may save your life. The beauty is you can get it for free if you start planning now, and there are no annual premiums for citizenship insurance.


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