These Countries in Latin America Welcome Foreigners as New Citizens

Most countries in Latin America are welcoming by nature. Historically they are made up of immigrants. Many make it easy to get citizenship after a short period of staying there.
So, what are the 7 easiest citizenships to get in Latin America? Let’s take a look.


Paraguay doesn’t offer beaches and coastlines like other Latin American countries. But it does offer a stable and laid-back way of life. It also has friendly people, a great climate and it’s inexpensive.
Paraguay offers the easiest residence program in Latin America. It’s easy to maintain your residency status in Paraguay without living there all year round. You only need to visit once every 3 years to renew your residence permit. We explain how to get a residence permit in Paraguay here.
After 3 years of staying in the country for at least 180 days, you can apply for citizenship.


Neighbouring Argentina can also be a great choice. Despite economic and political problems, Argentina offers a great lifestyle. If you have income in dollars or Euros you can enjoy a great life there now due to the local inflation. The procedure to get residency in Argentina is somewhat bureaucratic. It’ll take about 6 months. If you can show an income of $2,000 per month and have a clean criminal record you’re in. After 2 years of staying in the country for at least 6 months, you can apply for citizenship. Argentina has not updated its rules on getting citizenship for 100 years!

The procedures for applying for residency in Argentina can be found here.


easiest citizenships
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil offers one of the easiest citizenships in Latin America for some people. If you marry a Brazilian you can become a citizen in one year. Another option is to have a child born in Brazil. Children born in Brazil become citizens at birth. As a parent of a Brazilian citizen, you can get Brazilian citizenship in one year too. Brazil is multi-cultural and full of opportunities. It’s the second biggest market in the Americas after the USA. It should be near the top of any list for those looking for the easiest citizenships in Latin America.

How to Get Residency in Brazil in 2022


Ecuador also offers one of the easiest citizenships in Latin America. You can get residency in Ecuador by buying real estate or investing as little as $27,000 in a bank account. This will get you a residence permit for 2 years. After 2 years you become a permanent resident. After one year of permanent residency, you can become a citizen of Ecuador. Ecuador offers a great lifestyle for ex-pats. It has amazing beaches, rainforests and mountains. It also offers a great year-round climate. A second citizenship from Ecuador is very useful. The Ecuador passport offers very good visa free travel.


Mexico has more expats from the US and Canada than any other country. That’s not surprising given all it has to offer. From beautiful beaches to mountains, forests, and friendly people. Mexico has something for everyone. You can get Mexican citizenship after living there for 5 years. This can reduce to 2 years if you have a child in Mexico or you have a Mexican spouse. In theory, you have to renounce other citizenships after you become Mexican. But this is not enforced.
The Mexican passport is great for international travel. Getting residency there is well worthwhile and easy to do. Mexico offers one of the easiest citizenships in Latin America if you’re prepared to put in the time there.

Dominican Republic

easiest citizenships
The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is another of the easiest citizenships to obtain. After 2 years of residency there you can apply for citizenship. The Dominican Republic passport is not as strong as some of the other citizenships we’ve looked at but it is fast. In our Passport Report we uncover how to get a passport from the Dominican Republic in as little as 6 months. To get residency in the Dominican Republic you have to show an income of at least $1500 per month. And an extra $250 per month for each dependant.


easiest citizenships
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an underrated country to the north of Costa Rica. It offers one of the easiest citizenships that you can get after 5 years of residency there. You can get residency in Nicaragua by showing you have a pension of $600 per month. If you’re not retired you’ll have to show an income of $750 per month. There are other methods too. You can buy real estate for as little as $30,000 or invest in a business that creates 15 jobs.
The Nicaraguan passport is surprisingly good and offers visa-free access to the EU and the UK.

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What countries are easiest to get citizenship?

The easiest citizenships depend on your circumstances. The easiest citizenship will be if you have ancestors from a particular country. If you’re prepared to be radical and get married or have children there are more opportunities for citizenships.

What is the easiest EU country to get citizenship?

The easiest citizenship in the EU can be France in certain circumstances. See Second Passport Blueprint for more details.

What’s the fastest citizenship & passport you can get?

The Dominican Republic offers some of the fastest citizenship options. There are also citizenship by investment options which can be as fast as 6 months if you’re prepared to pay.

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