Timescale Reduced to 3 Years in Certain Cases

German citizenship has long been one of the more difficult European citizenships to obtain. In the past it had required up to eight years of residency before applying to become a German national.

The German parliament recently approved major changes to the citizenship law, reducing the waiting period to as little as three years in some cases. Dual nationality had also been prohibited in Germany for non-EU citizens. This will also be changed, allowing millions of ethnic Turks who have lived in Germany for decades to obtain German nationality.

German citizenship will also be available to children born in the country if at least one parent has been a legal resident for more than five years.

German Citizenship in 3 Years for Special Accomplishments

Anyone becoming a resident of Germany will now be on a path to citizenship in five years. This aligns with most European countries. In the case of “special integration accomplishments,” citizenship can be granted in just three years. It’s not currently clear what accomplishments will be considered for expedited citizenship.

Opposition parties have strongly criticized the new rules, accusing the government of cheapening German citizenship and of buying future votes.

However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the new legislation, commenting, “With the new citizenship law, we are saying to all those who have often lived and worked in Germany for decades, who abide by our laws, who are at home here: You belong to Germany,”

German Citizenship by Marriage 2 Years After Registering Relationship

Germany also offers fast-track citizenship for those who have been in a relationship with a German citizen for three years. It’s possible to apply for citizenship two years after the relationship has been formally registered. It’s necessary to be able to speak German at level B1 of the European common language framework.

Germany has often been overlooked as a country for second citizenship. This is because of the restriction on dual citizenship. The millions of people around the world with German heritage should now be looking at claiming their German citizenship. German citizenship by descent is possible, provided your ancestors never lost their German nationality.

Germany currently has around 84 million residents. Of those, around 13 million are not citizens. The new law seeks to change this. It’s also welcome news for those seeking residency in Germany, as it will now be much faster to obtain German nationality and one of the world’s best passports.

Second Passport Blueprint

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For others it’s mandated vaccination of children.

Whatever your red line is what are you going to do when it’s crossed?

Protesting is a waste of time. It lends legitimacy to the authoritarian regimes. It’s like slaves demanding concessions from their masters. It achieves nothing.

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