Number of US Citizens Claiming Second Citizenship in Europe Quadrupled in Just 2 Years

According to Bloomberg, Americans are seeking EU citizenship by descent in record numbers. Citing government statistics they revealed that 4 times as many Americans claimed EU citizenship by descent in 2022 compared to 2020.

It’s thought that around 40% of Americans are eligible for EU citizenship by descent. That’s because their ancestors came from Europe.

Do You have Italian Ancestors?

Some European countries make it easy to obtain their nationality if you can prove a family connection. Anyone with Italian ancestors can claim EU citizenship by descent if they can prove a direct line of descent going back as far as 1861. Anyone with an Irish grandparent is entitled to Irish citizenship.

Americans are Claiming Irish Citizenship in Record Numbers

According to Irish government statistics 3,284 Americans applied for Irish citizenship in the first 6 months of this year. There has also been an explosion of interest in Italian citizenship by descent with the Italian consulate in New York alone reporting 3,700 outstanding applications.

Ditch the IRS by Claiming EU Citizenship by Descent

Uniquely, US nationals are taxed based on their citizenship. Anyone who has US citizenship must pay US taxes and file tax returns for life. Even if they don’t live there. Most countries tax based on residency. US citizens, therefore must acquire another citizenship before renouncing their US citizenship. After renouncing they no longer have to file tax returns and pay US taxes after they leave America.

Live and Work Anywhere in Europe

Not all Americans seeking EU citizenship by descent want to renounce their US citizenship though. Some want to expand their options or are unhappy with the direction the US is taking. Others want to live and work in Europe. EU citizenship by descent gives you the right to work in any of the countries in the European Economic Area (EEA). It doesn’t matter whether you have citizenship of Ireland or Estonia. You can live and work anywhere in the EEA.

Hungary has No Limits on How Far Back You Can Go

Every EU country has some kind of citizenship by descent program. Some countries, like Hungary have no limit to how far back in your family history you can go. If you can find a Hungarian ancestor, even from hundreds of years ago, then you can claim Hungarian citizenship by descent. If you have a Hungarian name you’re likely to be able to obtain an EU citizenship by descent in Hungary.

Take Action Before Rules Change

EU citizenship programs are constantly changing. There are many options. Ireland has more citizens living outside Ireland than there are on he island of Ireland. Many Americans may qualify for British or German citizenship. It’s worth checking out where your ancestors came from and seeing if you qualify for an EU citizenship by descent.


If you’re entitled to EU citizenship by descent it’s worth putting in the effort to get the documents together and apply. It’s something that will not only benefit you. It will be handed down to your children and grand-children. Second citizenships increase your options in a rapidly changing world. It means that you always have somewhere to go in times of crisis. It gives you options. It means that no single government can hold you hostage. You don’t own your passport. Your government does. They can cancel it at any time for any reason. I’d strongly urge you to look into whether you qualify for EU citizenship by descent today.

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How to obtain a European passport?

A European passport can be obtained in several ways. If you have European ancestors you might be able to get a European passport by descent. If you don’t have any ancestors from Europe, every European country has a residency program. You’ll be able to get a European passport after spending at least 6 months every year in a European country.

What is the easiest way to get EU citizenship?

If you have a European ancestor you could be entitled to EU citizenship immediately. You will have to fill in the application and prove the connection to your European ancestor.

What is the cheapest way to get a European citizenship?

The application cost will be minimal if you have a European ancestor. If not, you can become a resident of a European country and apply after a few years.

How can I obtain a European passport and citizenship?

There are several ways. There is citizenship by descent if you have a European ancestor. There is citizenship by naturalization if you spend a few years living in the country you want to become a citizen of. There is citizenship by marriage, where you marry a citizen of the country and there’s citizenship by investment where you make an investment in the country where you’d like to be a citizen.

Who can help get European citizenship?

Liberty Mundo help clients from around the world get European citizenships. You can contact us here. You can email us at [email protected] or you can contact us on telegram: @libertymundo

Is it possible for a great-grandson of an EU citizen to acquire EU citizenship by descent?

It depends on which country but yes it’s possible. Some countries, such as Hungary have no limit to how far back you can go.