“Anything in My Name in a Western Country was Destroyed”

Using multiple jurisdictions to protect your assets is more essential than ever. For anyone with wealth to protect it’s essential.

Andrew Tate knows what it’s like to come under attack by the state and the media. Tate’s a former kick boxer, multi-millionaire and online influencer. He’s been described as the most searched man on the internet. He’s one of the most famous people on the planet today.

Particularly among the younger generation.
Tate doesn’t toe the party line. He has many controversial opinions that don’t fit with the current narrative. That caused him to be banned on most of the major social media platforms earlier this year.

Describing this time in a recent interview he spoke about how his multiple citizenships protected him from being under the control of any one government. Tate lives between Romania and Dubai.

Use Multiple Jurisdictions for Asset Protection

Fortunately he was aware of how to use multiple jurisdictions to protect his assets. He described how he became anti-fragile by using companies, trusts and bank accounts in different countries. It’s clear that using multiple jurisdictions can stop investigators in their tracks.

If you have, for example, an Irish company owned by a company in The Cook Islands which is in turn owned by a foundation in Lichtenstein it’s going to be very tricky for anyone to find out what’s there and who the beneficial owners are.

Inquiries would need to be made across multiple jurisdictions, some of which may be slow to respond. Or more likely never respond.

It’s Best to Own Nothing in Your Own Name

Tate described how his asset protection strategy worked for him and saved him millions when he was attacked. He owns nothing in his own name. He makes life difficult for any investigators by setting up offshore structures that span multiple jurisdictions.

“Anything in my name in a western country was destroyed”, Tate said describing the experience of being cancelled and attacked by the matrix. He told how millions of dollars were seized from his bank accounts.

Tate speaking about being attacked by the matrix

Be Paranoid

Tate said that people thought he was paranoid for taking the drastic asset protection measures he took. It turned out he was not paranoid enough.

Being paranoid is not optional for anyone with assets. Nobody wants to wake up to find their bank accounts and assets are frozen.

Insurance is never available after the event.

It’s never too early to take action to protect your assets.

Bullet Proof Asset Protection provides a plan to get you started.
Follow Tate’s example. Be paranoid. Take action.

How Liberty Mundo Helps Clients Worldwide

Liberty Mundo help high net worth clients protect their assets and increase their freedom. We work with our clients to make their assets untouchable. It doesn’t matter who the pursuers are or how well funded they are. We use complex structure spread over multiple jurisdictions worldwide to make sure your wealth remains safe.

We also help our clients to get second passports and residencies. Political risk is something that few think about. But it could be the biggest single risk to your personal safety and wealth. Governments in the west are becoming more authoritarian. Passports can be cancelled and renewals refused. It’s crucial to have your insurance in place to protect both your assets and your freedom. Work with us to put a personalized asset protection and second citizenship plan in place.

It’s never too early to take action to protect your wealth and your family’s future. Planning for 2023 should include a solid backup plan to protect your assets and defend yourself against political risk. Wherever you’re located.