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New BREAKTHROUGH REPORT reveals little shared secrets of how you can acquire more freedom by having a second or even third passport



My breakthrough second passport BLUEPRINT…….


tick    Shows you how to get some of the best passports in the world completely free

tick 300x300 1    Explains a little known method that lets you avoid legal problems in your own country permanently

tick   Maps out how you can travel whenever you want. No matter what travel  restrictions are in place. They’ll never affect you.

tick   Introduces 2 EU citizenships you can easily obtain without setting foot in the country.


Dear Freedom Seeker,


If you’ve often though about getting a second passport….


Or if the past 2 years have opened your eyes to just how little freedom we have left in the western world


And….if you’re ready to take action and do something about it to increase your freedom.

Then what you’re about to discover in this brief message could be just what you’ve been looking for.


Because now, for the first time ever, you can get a proven system that…..


tick  Shows you the exact steps you can take to get what amounts to freedom insurance – a coveted second passport

tick  Allows you to pick up valuable nationalities and travel documents that some pay millions of dollars for. Literally for the low cost of this report.

tick  Gives you the peace of mind to sleep well every night in the knowledge that whatever happens in your country it won’t affect you and your loved ones.

tick  Ensures that you have an untouchable stash outside your home country that’s unreportable and untouchable

tick  Permits you to DECLARE INDEPENDENCE from any state or government. Never be controlled by your government again.

tick  Increases your OPTIONS for freedom


This report will quite literally change EVERYTHING for you.

If you’re someone who wants to increase your freedom and is prepared to take action then this is for you.

Even better, you can get a second passport with


remove No need to pay outrageous fees to expensive gurus

remove No need to move to another country……unless you want to

remove No need to invest money in overpriced real estate or donate money to a bankrupt Caribbean island government

remove No wasting time on wild goose chases pursuing non-existent programs

remove No chance of having to bribe corrupt officials

remove No need for criminal record checks (on some occasions)


While you will have to put in some legwork to achieve your freedom insurance you won’t be chasing the impossible. You’ll be following tried and tested strategies to get second citizenships all over the world. And increasing your freedom exponentially.


It’s clear that the western world is becoming less free.

In the last 3 years…


Australians have been banned from leaving and ENTERING their country

UK citizens were banned from leaving their country

Canadians can’t leave their country if they haven’t had a vaccine

In France a vaccine passport is needed to sit OUTSIDE in a café

In the USA companies are being forced to implement vaccine mandates on their employees or face ruinous fines

Students are being mandated to take a vaccine to attend classes

Travel has been restricted around the world. Borders have been closed to non-nationals in multiple countries.

Politicians have demanded that medics go door to door to vaccinate residents in some countries

Massive quarantine camps have been built in several countries, including the US, the UK and Australia

China has forced residents into quarantine camps and sealed off apartment blocks


One thing is clear, the world is becoming less free. In almost every country there are more restrictions on freedom. There are restrictions on moving between regions and states in Europe and Australia.

Not to mention the increasing chatter about financial restrictions based on your health status. In Nigeria unvaccinated people were banned from accessing their bank accounts.

QR codes are popping up for the most basic needs.

It was reported in Australia that you’d have to scan a QR code to get access water fountains in parks!

These restrictions on our freedom are a worldwide trend.

And it’s only just getting started…

Central banks worldwide are planning digital currencies. These digital currencies will replace traditional bank accounts and allow the government to control every penny you spend.

They’ll be able to restrict you from buying certain items you’re not approved to buy. This could be based on your health status, your criminal record or whether or not you owe any taxes.

This is the hellish world we’re heading for…

Global payment processor Mastercard even plan a credit card that can cut your spending based on your carbon footprint…

This is only going to get worse in the months and years to come. Potentially much worse…

And it’s going to be impossible to escape, Particularly from the so called western democracies.

Who’d have thought modern western countries like Australia and New Zealand would have become the most restricted, unfree countries on earth.

And it’s been done with overwhelming public support…

 A Backup Plan to Secure Your Freedom is Essential…

That’s why you must have a backup plan. A plan B that ensures not only the survival of you and your family but ensures that you can prosper. No matter what happens in your home country…

If you have a SECOND PASSPORT you have an escape ticket. Just in case things become unbearable.

All of us have a red line. A point where we won’t go along with the authoritarianism any more.

For some it’s being banned from leaving the country. Even to take care of dying loved ones. This has happened already in Australia and New Zealand.

For others it’s mandated vaccination of children.

Whatever your red line is what are you going to do when it’s crossed?

Protesting is a waste of time. It lends legitimacy to the authoritarian regimes. It’s like slaves demanding concessions from their masters. It achieves nothing.

Voting takes years and achieves little more. It just swaps out one group of parasitical elites for another.

All the while they are gorging on your taxes…

The only solution is to make yourself independent. Make your very own DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

And the only way to do this is to have options. You must have a backup plan. You must have safe havens where you can go whenever you choose.

You must be able to leave the country when you want. The only way to do this easily is to have a second passport or multiple second passports


In my new report you’re going to discover the most important steps you can take immediately to get a second passport and increase your freedom


You’ll find out….


tick   How to change your mindset about leaving your country of birth.

tick   How you can improve relations with family and friends when you live overseas.

tick   Which passport is best for your situation. There are 200 countries to choose  from in the world. Which one is best for you?  Which has the fastest turnaround times? Which countries make it easy to get passports for family members too?

tick   What documents will you need? Is a criminal record check necessary?

tick    Solutions if you have legal problems on the horizon.

tick    How to protect your assets and yourself from lawsuits and other legal issues.

tick    More than 50 Countries examined. I examine in detail which are the easiest  countries to get a second passport. Countries where it won’t cost you anything.  You won’t have to pay off corrupt officials or make an ‘investment’ in                               worthless real estate.

tick    How to eliminate taxes forever with a second passport

tick    Back door methods to get some of the world’s top passports – If you were educated in a certain way you’re automatically entitled to a top EU passport.

tick    Two EU passports you can get without spending any time in the countries

tick    How to cross international borders without a passport. Little known methods  to cross international borders without a passport. Only for the most adventurous freedom seekers.

tick    How to avoid falling victim to scams or feeding money to corrupt lawyers. The world of second passports can be a snake pit. There are many advisors who will make undeliverable promises. They’ll offer to have your name entered in the citizen registry of South American countries and get instant citizenship.     You’ll avoid these kind of scams entirely with The Free Passport Report

tick    Problems with dual nationality. We look at some pitfalls to avoid with dual nationality and how you can avoid them. The one citizenship you can get easily but should avoid at all costs.

tick     Passports to avoid – Some passports are more trouble than they’re worth. They burden you with extra obligations. Our goal is to increase your freedom .Every opportunity is analysed according to whether it increases your freedom or                   decreases it. Knowing the passports to avoid is just as important as knowing the ones to pursue.

tick     Diplomatic passports – how anyone can become a diplomat. Even in your own country. Get diplomatic immunity for your residence.

tick     How to avoid extradition, no matter what you’ve done. A second passport is  your ultimate freedom insurance policy. Anyone can fall victim to arbitrary laws. Even the most law abiding person can find themselves suddenly facing criminal charges.   A second passport can ensure you stay free forever.

New opportunities explored….

 We explore multiple new and little known opportunities. While others encourage clients to buy instant Caribbean citizenships, we explore other passport opportunities that can be almost instant. These passports are available without the large fees and lengthy due diligence requirements that citizenship by investment programmes are subject to.

 Why I’m sharing this knowledge now….

I’m an international entrepreneur. I was born in the United Kingdom but I’ve lived outside that country for over 20 years.

I’ve lived in European tax havens, a Latin American paradise and bustling Asian metropolises.

I’ve acquired the knowledge and contacts from actually doing what I’ve written about. I’ve obtained multiple citizenships and residences around the world.

I’ve chaired public companies in Europe.

I’ve built and acquired successful businesses with sales in excess of 9 figures.

I’ve done all that while paying minimal taxes and being able to enjoy the most free life possible in the best places around the world.

I want to share my knowledge and contacts with you so that you can do the same.

I want you to have the freedom and opportunities that I have.

I never want to see anybody locked in their own country or refused permission to come home. I want to make sure that whatever happens you’re free and safe. That’s why I wrote The Free Passport Report.


Here are a few more secrets you’ll find inside my report:


One European country where you can get citizenship without ever having to live there. This little known method will get you a full European Union passport. A citizenship that would cost millions to buy if that was even an option. Offers full visa free travel to Canada, Australia and the USA.


The new, undiscovered techniques you can use to become a perpetual traveller in the 2020s and beyond. Live in multiple countries while paying tax nowhere. All completely legally.

The techniques the super rich use to avoid their communications being monitored by governments or business rivals.

Once popular destinations where you should avoid seeking citizenship.

How to gather all the documents together you need to provide for second citizenship.

How to overcome problems for those with a criminal record. The one simple solution that will always get around this issue.

One South American country that offers instant citizenship….if you know what to do.

Special opportunities for UK and Irish citizens to live tax free completely legally and without risking years long revenue investigations.

Opportunities for US citizens to live tax free and gain a second passport without having to renounce.

How to get an instant passport in Central America in an often overlooked country with a strong passport.

The countries where you can easily get residency and citizenship by giving birth there. Why it pays to shop the best countries to give birth for both you and your future child.

3 countries where you can get citizenship simply by registering. More than 2 billion people qualify for these easy to obtain passports.

A travel document that anyone can get which might prove useful in an emergency….and has allowed access to over 100 countries without any other form of identification

The top tier European passport that you may qualify based on your education

The passports you can get based on your ancestors. Even if you know nothing about them and have no documents. Don’t worry we’ll tell you exactly how to get the documents you need.

The pitfalls and scams you must avoid. The internet is full of scammers and charlatans. We tell you the warning signs to watch out for. You’ll know how to do everything yourself and will have no need to use overpriced services

The biggest risk you face in the 2020s. Your worst enemy is your own government. How to keep your affairs private and keep dealings with governments to the bare minimum. Avoid political risk.

How fugitives travel. While you might not be an international criminal or drug lord, sometimes it pays to think like one.

How to use your second passport to open secret financial accounts. Keep your financial affairs private from governments, ex-wives and creditors.


And much, much more….including The Extradition Report…

The Extradition Report explores international extradition. This is one of the least studied topics out there. But increasingly important. As the world becomes more and more regulated and political it’s easier than ever to fall foul of some dumb law that you didn’t know anything about.

Of course you can hire expensive lawyers to fight it all the way. That’s the right move most of the time. But….there are other strategies. Even if you’re going to settle a legal case against you wouldn’t it be good to at least have the option to negotiate from a position of strength

In a different country outside the prosecutor’s jurisdiction…

With a citizenship from a country that refuses to extradite its own nationals

Who’s in the strongest position? The guy who hires the most expensive lawyers to negotiate or the guy who leaves at the first sign of trouble and negotiates from his beach front villa in a country where he’s a citizen?

In The Extradition Report you’ll learn:


tick  Why There’s No such thing as an International Arrest Warrant

tick  Why Extradition is very rare and not something that most people should worry about.

tick  The ONE thing that’s a bigger concern than extradition and will leave you with ZERO options if you’re not thoroughly prepared in advance

tick   A Key tool that fugitives use to communicate internationally

tick   The TRUE story of the international fugitive who escaped from a US prison and gained 2 new citizenships. How he stayed on the run for years and his new country REFUSED to extradite him despite being CONVICTED of murder in the USA. We detail exactly how he was able to do it.

tick    How to live a low key and rewarding life. Everybody needs a fresh start every so often.

tick    The 3 strategies anyone can use to avoid extradition.

tick     The ONE thing you must never do if you’re wanted by the authorities.

tick     The secret strategies fugitives have used successfully for decades to avoid extradition. They still work today.

tick     EVERY country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States, The UK, Canada and Australia.

And much, much more…

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The information I want to share with you has been acquired over decades of taking action. This is not information that’s readily available online for anyone to find. You need boots on the ground talking to experts in all the countries we cover to find out exactly how to do this.

Frankly there is nothing more valuable than the freedom of you and your loved ones. The small investment of money and time required to acquire this information will pay off one thousand fold if you act on it.

Can you really put any price on your freedom?

Yes, you may never need the FREEDOM INSURANCE that I’m offering here. Everything might stay just fine at home. You might be prepared to tolerate less freedom and higher taxes. But what if it gets too much? Insurance isn’t available at any price after the fire has started.

You owe it to yourself to take action now and get your copy of Second Passport Blueprint.


You need Second Passport Blueprint to discover how to get more freedom by increasing your options. This information is not available anywhere else on the planet. You won’t get these powerful strategies to build a backup plan anywhere else.


So What are you waiting for?

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When you order Second Passport Blueprint you’re getting:


Second Passport Blueprint and….

The Extradition Report

Enter the hidden world of the international fugitive. Find out exactly how they avoid extradition and detection. Discover the precise countries that are safe to go to for Americans, Brits, Canadians and Australians. This type of resource is not available anywhere else at ANY PRICE.

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One Year of Updates on Special Opportunities and Changes

The world of second citizenships can be fast moving. Windows open and close all the time. You have to act quickly. Sometimes opportunities are available for only a few months. Countries open and close passport programs all the time. Normally they become more difficult. But every so often new opportunities arise that makes getting a second passport even easier.

We’ll keep you informed regularly of new passport opportunities and programs that are about to close. Whether it be a new paper residency program that will lead to citizenship or the imminent closing of an opportunity.

For example Panama recently made it more difficult to get permanent residency by making major changes to its friendly nations visa. If you were receiving our updates you’d have known about this. You’d have been able to slip in and have a Panama residency in your back pocket before the window closed.

Other situations are changing all the time. We’ll update you well in advance while you can still take action. You’ll get a full 12 months of updates when you buy The Free Passport Report today.

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3 Months Unlimited Email Support

The goal of Second Passport Blueprint is to get you started on your journey to getting a second citizenship and more freedom. What you’re buying here is freedom insurance.

Of course that depends on you taking action….

I want to see you getting at least one second citizenship without using expensive consultants or lawyers. Sometimes you’re going to have questions. You might need a helping hand to get started. Me and my team are here for you.

I’m throwing in 3 months of email support. Ask anything you want to get started.

Everybody’s situation is different. You may want to discuss which is the best passport for you to pursue? Should you try to get more than one second passport? What about family members? Should you travel to the target country or deal with it at your nearest embassy?

These topics are all covered in The Free Passport Report but if you have questions related to your particular situation we’re here to answer them for you. Email us at any time and we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours. We’re going to help you every step of the way to get more freedom and create your backup plan.

A full 3 months of email support is completely free when you buy The Free Passport Blueprint

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I reveal all my ideas, tips, tricks and methods in Second Passport Blueprint. This information will enable you to increase your freedom exponentially by getting a second passport. You’ll no longer be dependent on one country.

My methods have been gathered, tested and refined over decades…

There is information in this manuscript that’s not available elsewhere. But please only buy this report if you’re going to use the information you discover. I want people to TAKE ACTION. I want you to be well on the road to getting a second passport within a few short months.


So here’s the deal…


You will get:

Second Passport Blueprint

The Extradition Report

3 Months Email Support

All for only $329/€329


This report delivers everything you need. It’s an entire system for getting a second passport and declaring yourself independent. Once again please only buy this if you intend to take action. 

The world has changed in the last couple of years. It’s never going back to normal. It’s more important than ever to secure your freedom with a second passport.

No matter how patriotic you are it’s time to declare yourself independent. Give your self more options. Make a rock solid back-up plan.

With Second Passport Blueprint You will…

Have a Solid Methodology to Get a Second Passport

Know the scams and pitfalls to avoid

Discover passports you can start working towards immediately, within days. Irrespective of where you’re from.

Discover passports you weren’t even aware you qualified for

How to access lucrative financial opportunities with your new citizenship

Have the tools you need to get your first second passport

Have access to proprietary information others charge tens of thousands of dollars to get

Discover the easiest second passport that anyone can get just by asking

Increase your wealth and your freedom exponentially

And much, much more…

Now is the time to act. Your very survival could depend on it one day. Increase your options for security and freedom NOW. Order your copy of Second Passport Blueprint today.







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