Why a Warrior Mindset is Needed to Fight Adversaries

Increasingly we must turn to guerrilla tactics both offensive and defensive to protect our assets and our liberties.

Guerrilla warfare is a tactic of war in which small groups of fighters use irregular military tactics against a larger, more powerful enemy. The English term was derived from the Spanish word for war, guerra and was first and was first used when Spanish guerrillas crushed Napoleons’ armies in the Peninsular War (1808-14). The tactics were so effective that the name stuck.

These guerrilla tactics can be ambushes, sabotage, raids and hit and run operations. Guerrilla tactics are often used by civilians trying to overthrow or weaken a government or regime. Guerrilla tactics often work because the enemy is larger and less mobile

These same kind of guerrilla tactics can be used by individuals against the state or against better funded litigants. The world is full of adversaries who want to steal your assets and your freedom. It’s not always possible or advisable to play by the rules set by your opponent. When you play by somebody else’s rules you’re likely to lose the game.

That’s the trouble with dealing with traditional advisers such as high priced lawyers and accountants. They can only play the game using rules set by the enemy. As one of the world’s richest men, Aristotle Onassis often said, ‘The rules are there are no rules’. Onassis built his fortune using guerrilla tactics.

So how do we use guerrilla tactics to protect our assets, our income and our liberty?

Tell No One

Secrecy and surprise are key to guerrilla tactics. Nobody can seize assets they don’t know about. Don’t be tempted to brag about your secret bank accounts or your overseas stash of gold. If you have a secret bolthole in another country only tell anyone who actually needs to know.

Privacy Strategies

Own Nothing

You should own nothing in your own name. You can control assets without owning them. That’s why many of the ultra-wealthy have charitable foundations or trusts. They let you keep control of your assets and decide how they’re used without having personal ownership. If you don’t own them they can’ be taken away from you.

Have an Escape Plan

We never know what the future holds. The key is being prepared. Have properties overseas. Have a way to get there, that’s well thought out. Have overseas bank accounts and businesses that can fund your overseas life.

Be Anti-Fragile

The concept of being anti-fragile means that you have a back up for everything. You have second passports and residences. You make sure you have overseas bank accounts, gold bullion and crypto. You may have a home in another country where you can go in an emergency. More importantly, you have the mindset to make a move quickly if you must.

‘Anything I had in a western country was destroyed’

Take Action

It’s not possible to do any of these things after something has gone catastrophically wrong. You can’t move your money after your assets have been frozen. It’s not possible to get on a flight after they cancel your passport. That’s why it’s important to be prepared in advance for any eventuality. You must protect your assets by keeping at least a portion of your wealth outside your own country. And protect your liberty by having multiple passports and residences. That means you’re always free to leave.


Guerrilla tactics to protect yourself and your assets are crucial. Governments are increasingly authoritarian and in some cases downright insane. Asset freezing orders are used liberally in civil litigation. Anyone with assets must be prepared to come under attack. It’s inevitable. It’s much easier to take the actions you need to take years in advance. It can be done at a leisurely pace when you act in plenty of time.

Find out how you can use guerrilla tactics to protect your assets