The Largest Country in South Americal Offers Compelling Opportunities

Brazil is a huge country, with a population of over 200 million people. It’s the biggest country in South America. As a developing country, it could be an attractive country to live and invest in. Residency in Brazil will ensure that you have the legal right to live there for as long as you want.

So, what are the best ways to get residency in Brazil? There are several routes to residency, depending on your status.

Get Residency in Brazil with a Retirement Visa

Brazil’s retirement visa is undoubtedly the easiest path to residency for foreigners. However, you must be over 60 and be able to prove an income of at least $1,700 per month. You will have to open a bank account in Brazil and transfer at least that amount each month.

You can apply for a retirement visa at your nearest Brazilian Consulate. They’re issued for 9 years and are easy to renew.

The Brazil retirement visa comes with other perks like free use of public transport. All residents have access to the Brazilian public healthcare system too.

You’re also able to work legally, if you want, with a retirement visa.

All in all, it’s a good deal for those over 60 who have a pension that meets the income requirements.

Get residency in Brazil by Starting or Investing in a Business

This category needs a little more effort to get residency in Brazil. You’ll have to produce a business plan. It must show that you’ll employ at least 2 Brazilians. You’ll have to invest at least 500,000 Reais.

The money has to be invested in a business. Buying a house as an investment won’t work here as it does in some countries.

Another option is to open a branch of an existing business in Brazil. If you have a business that’s more than 5 years old you can open a branch in Brazil and use that to get residency in Brazil.

The process of getting an investment visa is doable with professional help. It’s definitely more cumbersome than the other types of visa though.

Brazil is renowned for being one of the most difficult countries to do business in. You’ll face lots of bureaucracy and high costs doing business in Brazil. On the other hand, it’s an emerging market of 200 million people in South America. The opportunities could be immense for the right person.

Get Residency in Brazil by Marriage or Having a Child in Brazil

If you marry a Brazilian you can get instant permanent residency. Even if you’re in a stable relationship with a Brazilian and unmarried you could qualify. Best to check with your nearest Brazilian consulate if you plan on getting residency in Brazil through a stable union to make sure your relationship qualifies.

If you have a child born in Brazil you’ll also qualify for instant permanent residency. Those born in Brazil get Brazilian citizenship on birth. Therefore if your child’s born in Brazil you’re related to a Brazilian citizen and qualify for residency in Brazil.

How to Apply for Residency in Brazil

You can begin your application process at the Ministry for Exterior Relations website here. They have a visa application form available in English on the site. Fill in the form and get your application number. That’s the start of the process. If you plan on applying for a business visa it’s worth getting professional help.

How to get Citizenship in Brazil

You can apply for Brazilian citizenship after 4 years of legal residency there. If you’re married to a Brazilian or have a Brazilian child you can apply for citizenship after only 1 year of staying in Brazil. You’ll have to show that you have no criminal record. You’ll also need some knowledge of the Portuguese language.

Brazil has an excellent passport with visa-free access to 127 countries.

Taxes in Brazil

Brazil is an amazing country to live in and it has something for everyone. You’ll have to do some tax planning before you go though. Brazil taxes worldwide income. It’s easy to structure your affairs to ensure your tax liability will be minima in Brazil

Overall residency in Brazil is a great option for those looking for a South American adventure. Residency in Brazil and a second passport for Brazil will be valuable assets in an increasingly volatile world.


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