A Free Second Passport Can Be Obtained From These 5 Countries

There are many opportunities to acquire a free second passport. Many are extremely pricey. Some are completely illegal. Others are legit but will cost you six or even seven-figure sums.

A second passport is a useful insurance policy if you ever need to escape from your home country. It gives you guaranteed entry to a second country no matter what. A citizenship can’t be revoked in the way that a residence permit can be. It can also provide additional travel benefits, such as visa-free travel to countries that aren’t visa-free for your own passport. Even the best Western passports, like the UK or the US, don’t provide visa-free access to major countries like Russia or China.

So, If you don’t want to spend $150,000 on buying a passport from St Kitts or Dominica, what are your options to get a free second passport?

  1. Find an Irish Ancestor

The Irish passport is a first-class travel document, and if you have an Irish parent or grandparent, you automatically qualify for an Irish passport.

Many citizens of the UK, Canada, and the USA have Irish relatives. If you have an Irish ancestor, don’t wait. You definitely qualify for a free second passport from Ireland

Get yourself registered on the foreign births register, and you’ll be in receipt of a shiny, new Irish passport in jig time.

    2. Live in Argentina for as little as 2 Years

It’s a little-known fact that the South American nation of 40 million people has not updated its citizenship laws for over 100 years. This is great news if you’d like to get a free second passport from the South American nation.

If you become a legal resident of Argentina, you can apply to the court in Buenos Aires 2 years after spending only six months a year in the country. You might need some basic Spanish when you go in front of the judge, but other than that, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

I know at least one person who did not even bother to get a legal residence permit and succeeded in getting citizenship after 2 years of staying there full-time. The Argentinian passport is a great option as a free second passport. It provides visa-free travel to 117 countries and is ranked in the top 20 passports in the world.

     3. Marry a Cape Verdean

The former Portuguese colony is one of the few remaining countries where you can get an instant free second passport by marrying one of its citizens.

If you can find a Cape Verdean to marry, you can apply for citizenship of the African nation immediately.

     4. Have a Child in Brazil

Having a child born in Brazil is another way to get a free second passport. Under Brazilian law, your child would be a citizen at birth.

The child’s parents would be eligible to apply for Brazilian citizenship after one year. If you’re in a position to shop for a jurisdiction where your next child is born, Brazil is a great option. The Brazilian passport is a great travel document, offering visa-free travel to most of the world.

     5. If You’re Jewish or Have a Jewish Mother get Israeli Citizenship

If you’re Jewish or if you become Jewish or your Mother’s Jewish, you can become an Israeli citizen under their law of return. This is a guaranteed way to get a free second passport from the middle eastern nation.

Israel passed a law in 1950 guaranteeing every Jew the right to return to the homeland. The law grants the right to Israeli citizenship if you have one Jewish grandparent or if you’re married to a Jew.

If you qualify, it’s another opportunity to get a free second passport.

A Free Second Passport Could be Easier to Get Than You May think
A Free Second Passport Could be Easier to Get Than You Think

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