Authoritarian British Government to Ban Middle-Class Cocaine Users from Foreign Travel

The authoritarian British government is set to remove passports from recreational drug users. In a crackdown on drug use set to be announced this week the government will give the courts the authority to remove passports from drug users. This is thought to be aimed at middle-class cocaine users who would normally face a fine from the courts.

Dangerous Precedent

This sets a dangerous precedent. The British government can already remove passports from football fans convicted of hooliganism. They also banned all British citizens from leaving the country during the Covid lockdown earlier this year. It seems though that this is a new method of control of the population. It’s the beginning of a social credit system. Today you can lose your passport for using drugs the government doesn’t approve of. But what other activities could cause them to remove your passport in the future?

The US government can refuse to issue a passport to anybody who owes taxes to the IRS. It’s not difficult to imagine the same kind of thing happening in the UK. Could you lose your passport for saying the wrong thing on social media? For refusing to take a vaccination? Supporting the wrong political party?
The point is that once this kind of policy is in place the floodgates open. It will be a tool of control by tyrants to manipulate the behaviour of the population. After all, nobody wants to have their ability to travel removed.

Any Government Can Arbitrarily Remove Passports

Many governments have form for this kind of behaviour. The US government cancelled the passport of whistle-blower Ed Snowden. This stopped him from leaving Moscow where he stays to this day, still unable to travel.

The British government has cancelled the citizenship of terrorist suspects. While they aren’t very popular, again a dangerous precedent has been set. Already governments can remove the passports of recreational drug users and those who are only suspected of a crime. What will they remove them for in the future?
According to the British government, they don’t need a reason to remove your passport.

According to the British Government, Citizens Are Not Entitled to a Passport

On the website of The Home Office, they say: “There is no entitlement to a passport and no statutory right to have access to a passport. The decision to issue, withdraw, or refuse a British passport is at the discretion of the Secretary of State for the Home Department (the Home Secretary) under the Royal Prerogative”

So straight from the horse’s mouth – you have no entitlement to a passport. Issuing a passport is completely at the discretion of your government. It’s likely that passports will be withheld more and more in the future for a litany of petty offences.

Passports themselves are a gross breach of liberty. Yet, to be as free as possible you must have as many passports as possible.
Anybody who values their freedom can’t depend on only one government to ensure their right to leave their own country if they want to.
Yes, tyranny is increasing throughout the world in the 2020s. It’s likely just the beginning. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

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