Personal Offshore Blueprint





A Complete, integrated plan, customised to your personal needs. We will get you the citizenship you want, the overseas residency you need and make sure your assets are secure and untouchable.

To achieve this we’ll start with a 45 minute call between you and Henry Hill or Richard Barr. Henry and Richard are offshore experts with decades of experience in setting up impenetrable offshore structures and acquiring often hard to get citizenships and residences.

You’ll discover little known opportunities to acquire citizenships and residences quickly.

This will be followed up with a personalised report and action plan based on your requirements. The report will be at least 20 pages long. It will cover:

  1. Citizenships you should can get quickly
  2. Second residences in tax friendly jurisdictions
  3. The Perfect Offshore Structure for you including trusts, foundations and companies.
  4. Steps you need to take to become judgement proof
  5. Personalised back-up plan – a strategy to make sure you always have a safe place to go. No matter what.
  6. Special Situations

Following this we’ll have another call with you to talk about implementation of the plan. You can implement the recommendations yourself or our team can get everything in place for you.


Should you use an offshore trust or foundation?

Where should you get an overseas residency

What are the best methods to get a second citizenship for your circumstances?

How you can make your assets completely judgement proof?

How to get residency overseas if you have a historic criminal record

Where should you open an overseas bank account

Safest jurisdictions for your offshore structure

The best citizenships for you


A follow up report with a personalised blueprint for you. This will itemise everything that needs to be done to achieve your objectives.

Unlimited follow up emails for 3 months to answer your questions and help implement your strategy.

You will end up with a complete personal blueprint for you and your family in an easy to understand format. You’ll be able to begin implementing the necessary steps immediately. Following our strategy blueprint sessions you’ll know everything you need to do to make both your assets and yourself untouchable.

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You’ll get immediate access to Second Passport Blueprint and Bullet Proof Asset Protection on ordering. We will contact you on the day of your order to confirm the time of your first call and your preferred method of communication. We can use WhatsApp, Signal, Skype or landline.

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