Today’s world is volatile. Anyone with even moderate wealth knows that there are scores of vultures on a mission to grab their assets. The list of predators can seem endless but it includes:


Ex and soon to be ex-spouses

Business partners

Numerous government agencies

No win-No fee lawyers


Tax authorities

In fact I could fill the page with lists of predators waiting in the wings to take your hard earned wealth away from you.

There are whole industries dedicated to it…

What’s worse is that nowadays they don’t have to win a judgement before they deprive you of your assets. Government bureaucrats routinely get freezing orders at the START of an investigation. That’s right. Before there’s a shred of evidence of wrongdoing they can freeze all of your bank accounts and prevent you from selling your assets.

And it’s not only for government investigations…

This can happen routinely in divorce proceedings and other civil actions too.

This happened recently to an acquaintance. At the start of a financial investigation his assets were frozen by the authorities in the UK. His bank cards stopped working and he was left without any means to pay his bills.

And it gets worse…

Not only did they freeze his bank accounts and assets. They seized assets belonging to his family too. Yes, family members who were not even under investigation, never mind convicted, had their assets frozen without notice.

This type of financial tyranny is happening around the world with increasing frequency.

In 2022 we saw something unprecedented. Assets were seized from private  individuals based only on their nationality. Whatever your view on the Ukraine war, this sets a dangerous precedent for all of us. If assets can be seized based on nothing more than nationality then none of us own anything.

Our assets can be seized arbitrarily…

If you have any wealth or if you plan to have wealth you MUST act to protect yourself.


That’s why Offshore Finance Expert Henry Hill put together Bulletproof Asset Protection as a special report to enable you to take all the steps necessary to keep your assets secure.

You’re Going to Discover:


How to create asset protection structures so strong that even the most determined creditor or government can’t break them.

The new secret offshore accounts.

How to legally avoid the Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Which countries are still outside the Common Reporting Standard?

How to find out if your offshore accounts are being reported to your home tax authorities.

How to Set up your own charity for asset protection.

How to legally avoid almost all taxes.

Make Millions by Becoming a Philanthropist

How to Create a Hybrid Numbered Account

How to Use Precious Metals for Anonymity

Which Countries Have Voluntary Secrecy Under CRS

A 10 Step Plan for Financial Privacy

Using Charities for Privacy and Tax Avoidance – How you can use the same strategies as Bill Gates and the Rothschilds

How an easy to obtain new citizenship can guarantee your financial privacy


Anybody who has assets of more than 6 figures (or plans to have soon) to protect can benefit from this report. After devouring the contents you will know exactly what to do to secure your assets.

You can protect everything you own from hostile creditors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a soon-to-be ex-spouse, a creditor, or a government. Using the strategies in this report will make you immune from asset seizures.

It’ll put you in a stronger position to negotiate with any creditors too, safe in the knowledge that your assets are securely protected in a legal structure stronger than Fort Knox.

If you decide to settle any claims it’ll be strictly on your terms.

But don’t wait. This is perhaps the most important insurance policy you can put in place. More important than fire insurance or even health insurance.

This is wealth insurance…

The most important thing is to make sure that you can look after your family. Make sure that you’re not a sitting duck and you can continue to do just that.

In Bullet Proof Asset Protection we’ll answer all your questions on asset protection such as:

Has Your Financial Privacy already been compromised?

How Can you deal with offshore banks safely?

How can you control your assets without legally owning them?

What are the best jurisdictions to form a trust?

Where is the best place to have a secret bank account?

All your questions will be answered in an easy-to-consume format.

But please don’t buy this report simply out of curiosity. Only buy it if you want to protect your assets now. If you’re in that category you simply can’t afford not to have this report.

For less than the price of a good dinner, you’ll discover everything you need to know to bullet-proof your assets.

So, here’s the deal.  Bullet Proof Asset Protection will soon cost $279. But you can buy it today for only $149. It’s 120 A4 pages of easy to read, easy to implement content that’ll be delivered to you instantly on order in pdf format. You can consume it on your phone, tablet or computer.

However, please note: There are no refunds on this offer. All sales are final.  



Detailed instructions of how to open 10 overseas bank accounts. Right now.
Without leaving your home. These banks are located in some of the world's
strongest jurisdictions. The report contains step by step instructions to open
accounts is some of the most sought after locations like Singapore and
Switzerland. You'll also find out how to open accounts in the world's largest and
most secretive non-CRS jurisdiction. Again, without leaving your home.


Opening safe bank accounts is a key part of any offshore plan so this is essential.

This is real, actionable information that will get you off to a head start.



Offshore Precious Metals Storage Guide tells you exactly how to store your precious metals in non bank vaults around the world. It will also explain how to move your precious metals around the world without any risk. How to avoid having gold seized at airports and a unique way to own precious metals so that they can never be seized (The same method can be used to own crypto)


You’ll also get free updates for 6 months. The offshore world changes rapidly. New strategies are developed constantly. Banking opportunities come and go. I’ll provide you with the latest updates immediately when they become available.    

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