Nevis Company





A Nevis Company offers some of the best asset protection options available.

Any assets held by the company are fully protected from lawsuits in other jurisdictions. Anybody trying to claim assets from a Nevis company must start the process in a Nevis court and put up security even if they have a judgment against the company in another jurisdiction. Nevis does not recognise foreign judgments.

Profits earned in the Nevis company are tax free.

A Nevis company can trade anywhere in the world.

Good banking options are available.

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Our Nevis Offshore Companies include:


Registered Office Address

Registered Agent

All government taxes and fees

Appointment of Directors – Nominee directors are available for an extra fee

Courier delivery of all corporate documentation.

You can choose any available name for your Nevis offshore company. We’ll contact you on the completion of your order to get your name choices, director and shareholder information.


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