Open an Offshore Bank Account in these countries…..

What is an Offshore Bank Account?

Offshore bank accounts are simply bank accounts outside your home country. Offshore bank accounts are often in tax havens like The Cayman Islands or Monaco, although not necessarily. The main reason to open offshore bank accounts is t diversify your assets. If you only have accounts in your home country you are vulnerable. In your home country your accounts can be frozen if you’re involved in a lawsuit or if you owe taxes. Having all your money in bank accounts in your home country is not a sensible strategy.

We’ve used more than 100 variables to determine the best offshore bank account locations of 2022.

We started by looking at over 100 different variables: the tax situation, stability (both economic and political), privacy, ability to open remotely, availability of online banking and more. The top destinations for offshore bank accounts have several things in common. They are safe, well regulated jurisdictions. Accounts are straightforward to open. They offer full services such as multi-currency accounts and online banking.


Switzerland is known for the privacy, security and reliability of its banking system. Switzerland’s banks are renowned for maintaining client confidentiality and discretion, which has given rise to the characterization of Swiss bank accounts as “secret.” This is not entirely true nowadays as the Swiss signed up to CRS but there are plenty of loopholes to avoid this if you know what you’re doing.

With a Swiss bank account, you can enjoy the benefits of a safe, private and secure bank account in one of the most stable countries in the world. Swiss banks are required by law to maintain strict confidentiality regarding their clients (which includes information about foreign depositors). Swiss banking secrecy laws prohibit bankers from disclosing any information about their clients even in cases where criminal investigations or lawsuits have already been initiated.

Swiss banks also offer a variety of other advantages over other offshore banking jurisdictions: high interest rates, easy access to your funds through ATMs worldwide, free debit cards for international usage, free online banking services and much more.


Singapore is an ideal location to open an offshore bank account.

In addition to its strong privacy laws, Singapore has a strong regulatory environment, financial system and political stability.

There are no tax information exchange agreements with other countries, making Singapore one of the few locations where there aren’t any disclosure laws. There are also no currency controls in place for this location, which means that you won’t have limits on what you can withdraw or transfer from your offshore bank account.


Serbia is a Balkan nation that has one of the most favorable tax regimes in the world, tops our list of countries with the best privacy laws and places 18th on the Tax Foundation’s Corporate Tax Rate Ranking, making it an excellent place to open an offshore bank account.

The local currency is the Serbian dinar and its capital Belgrade is also its largest city. Serbia has not yet signed up for CRS so it’s one of the few places you can still bank in private.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory, which means that the islands operate independently from the UK. However, the UK government still oversees its foreign affairs and defense. The islands are considered one of the best places to open an offshore bank account due to their easy pre-qualification process, secure jurisdiction and high number of banking options. It is also one of the most popular offshore banking destinations in the world.

Opening an account remotely can be time-consuming and may take several weeks or even months to complete. However, once your account is set up you can log in digitally at any time once you receive your credentials. Some banks offer mobile access through apps that are available for download on Android and iOS devices.


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The Bahamas

The Bahamas is literally a stone’s throw away from many parts of the United States, making it a popular destination for offshore banking. Additionally, the Bahamas has no restrictions on the amount of money that can be deposited in a bank account. There are also no taxes on interest earned in Bahamian bank accounts.

Due to its proximity to the United States and other developed nations, the cost of living in the Bahamas is relatively high compared to other Caribbean islands. However, you don’t have to live in The Bahamas to take advantage of an offshore bank account there.


  • Panama is a small country in Central America. It has a strong, stable and secure banking system. The country is popular among individuals who want to open offshore bank accounts because it is a tax haven. Your bank account information will remain confidential, and there are no taxes on interest.
  • If you are wondering why Panama is becoming more popular as a place for expats and retirees, know that the country has a highly developed financial system that makes opening an offshore bank account straightforward. With some banks in Panama you can open offshore accounts remotely although the process can be cumbersome and time consuming.


Monaco, officially the Principality of Monaco, is an independent city-state on the French Riviera. Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, it is surrounded by France and bordered to the east by Italy. A sovereign state with a land area of 1.98 km2, Monaco has a population of approximately 38,800 people in 2019. The country is known for its beautiful landscapes and warm climate that makes it an attractive tourist destination. Monaco’s economy relies heavily on banking and finance as well as tourism and real estate industry.

Monaco banks are regulated by The Bank of France and subject to French banking regulations. Monaco is part of CRS so you’ll have to employ some of the strategies discussed in Bullet Proof Asset Protection to avoid your financial information being disclosed.


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A scenic location for your offshore account

Seychelles is a highly secretive jurisdiction. Seychelles has a strong regulatory framework, and the government encourages investment by foreign entities. It also has strong privacy protections for bank accounts, which makes it a good choice for offshore banking.

Why should you consider an offshore bank account in Seychelles?

  • The country has a strong regulatory framework and the government encourages investment by foreign entities.
  • It also has strong privacy protections for bank accounts, which makes it a good choice for offshore banking.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been a long-time favorite for those looking to open an offshore bank account. It has a strong financial system, low tax rates, and a high level of bank secrecy. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular destinations for offshore bank accounts among foreign residents.

Its foreign resident population is more than 1.3 million; many foreigners hold at least one Hong Kong offshore bank account.

Unfortunately, it’s become more difficult in recent years to open Hong Kong offshore bank accounts. You’re likely to have to go in person to open an account. Once your Hong Kong offshore account is open, you’ll enjoy all the services the world’s best banks can offer including muti-currency accounts and even gold bullion accounts.


Mauritius is an island-nation in the Indian Ocean, located off the southeast coast of Africa. English is widely spoken there, and it offers a stable political climate with good educational institutions. Mauritius banks tend to be flexible and an offshore bank account in Mauritius can be a good option for companies incorporated in other jurisdictions.


Is it legal to have an offshore bank account?

Yes, offshore accounts are completely legal. In some jurisdictions you may have to disclose them to the local authorities.

What is the minimum for an offshore account?

That depends on the jurisdiction. Somewhere like Singapore you’ll have to deposit a minimum of $250,000. In other jurisdictions you can open an account with as little as $1,000.

Which country is best for offshore account?

That depends on your individual needs and where you’re currently resident. Countries that are not signed up to CRS like Serbia are good options. For asset management for high net worth individuals Singapore and Switzerland are hard to beat.

How do I get an offshore bank account?

Get in touch with us below for help with opening offshore accounts and structuring yourself in the most tax efficient and private manner.

Why have an offshore bank account?

It’s important to diversify your assets and hold at least some of your assets outside your home country. This protects against political risk and future lawsuits.

How to open an offshore bank account online?

There are many options to open an offshore bank account online. All of them will want Know your client (KYC) information which will mean providing certified copies of your identity documents and proof of address.

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