Some of the reasons why 300,000 people emigrate from the UK every year

More than 300,000 people emigrate from the UK every year. There are thought to be more than 4 million Britons living abroad. Those numbers will increase substantially in the coming years. There are more opportunities to work from home and start businesses. That means there are fewer and fewer reasons to live on a dreary, windswept island.
Everyone has their own reasons and motivations to leave the UK. So, what are the reasons some people have to emigrate from the UK?

Better Climate

The UK can be a dreary place. Particularly during the winter months. It’s surprising that more than 300,000 people don’t leave every year for this reason alone. There are dozens of countries with a better year-round climate than the UK. While it’s unlikely to be the only reason to emigrate from the UK the poor climate of the British Isles will be uppermost in the minds of many emigrants.

More Freedom

Like many of the so-called ‘Western democracies,’ the UK has been getting less free every year. Over the last 2 years, in particular, the UK government has become more authoritarian. Earlier in 2021 UK citizens were banned from leaving the country. They needed a good excuse under the health regulations. Nobody seemed to care much that the UK implemented this policy. The kind of policy associated with oppressive dictatorial regimes such as Cuba and the former Soviet Union.
Residents in the UK are amongst the most watched over in the world. There are more cameras in big UK cities than in any other city in Europe.

Lower Taxes

Taxes in the UK are currently the highest in 50 years. The UK government spends almost 50% of GDP. That doesn’t include all the unfunded promises such as pensions and welfare payments. These will only increase in the future. This will mean even higher taxes and the likely bankruptcy of the country.
If you move to a territorial tax country or a tax haven you might never have to pay income tax again.

Escape Government Overreach

The UK is full of meddling bureaucrats. I never got so many pieces of mail from government departments as when I lived in London. From TV licensing to HMRC, local authorities, and parking fines. UK citizens are not left in peace by the government for long. Former UK residents are surprised when they move overseas. They almost never have any interaction with the local government.

Healthier Lifestyle

When you move to a better climate, you’ll find yourself eating healthy and fresh food. You’ll get more natural sunlight and live a better lifestyle. During the cold, dark winter nights it’s more tempting to sit in the heat and eat comfort foods than to head out to the gym.

Better Healthcare

The British seem to love the National Health Service. This is the UK’s ‘free’ health service. It’s amongst the world’s biggest employers. It’s inefficient and provides third-world levels of healthcare. The health systems in many less developed countries are much better. You’ll receive much better healthcare in South America and Eastern Europe than you will in the UK.

More Opportunities

It’s common for ex-pats to earn more than locals when living overseas. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to start a business. Many countries welcome immigrants and offer financial incentives to set up businesses. You’re likely to have unique skills which are more valuable abroad than they are at home.

Study Abroad

An excellent way to get used to living abroad is to study overseas. This is a wonderful way to meet people overseas and learn a new language. In most countries going to study opens the door to getting a resident’s permit and later a new passport. Anyone miffed at losing their EU passport after Brexit can easily go and study in an EU country. You can get a second passport after spending a few years there.

Lower Property Prices

British property prices are amongst the highest in the world. In many countries, property prices are still affordable. In countries like Argentina, you can pick up property for a fraction of the price you’d have to pay in Britain. You can sell your UK property. You can pay off your mortgage and buy a better property overseas without a mortgage.

Financial Privacy

Financial privacy is a thing of the past in Britain. Government agents can search through your bank accounts. They can look at your financial transactions without a warrant. Many people choose to emigrate from the UK because they believe in having financial privacy.

Even local council officials can spy on you on some occasions. The introduction of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) means that even foreign accounts are reported back to HMRC. But only if you’re a UK resident.

The easy solution – stop being a UK resident. By emigrating from the UK, you regain your financial privacy. Your finances should be between you and your banker. Nobody else should be able to access that information.

As we can see there are many reasons to emigrate from the UK. You can live in a better climate, have a healthier lifestyle and be able to keep everything that you earn. We help dozens of clients emigrate from the UK and other countries every year. Get in touch with us here if you’d like to find out more about emigration from the UK.

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